Our journey started with a “mouse”

and now continues as a “parrotfish”

The Parrot Fish Studio team possesses all of the expertise and experience of a large creative agency, but with the service, attention to detail and agility of a boutique design firm.

Our Team

Our team is as vibrant and unique as our namesake. Our family of illustration and design experts not only believe in producing top-notch work, but also in having a great time while doing so.
Founder / Creative Director

Suzette Lopez

Suzette’s passion to create blossomed at an early age and led her to her formal education at The New World School of the Arts High School and College. Her fine arts and communications training led to a successful career with the Walt Disney Company where she gained pivotal experience and expertise from the ultimate brand and marketing machine. During her tenture with Disney, she launched and promoted a wide array of products, services and events, throughout the Latin American market. Her dedication and passion for truly understanding her client’s goals has created long-standing relationships with brands such as Zoo Miami, Cleveland Clinic and Florida International University.


Suzette’s combination of creative vision and relentless pursuit of excellence have helped shape the mission and vision of Parrot Fish Studio. As a bonus, when you call our office, you often get the sweet sounds of parrots in the background. Oliver, pictured here, likes to tell clients he loves them and blows them kisses. Who doesn’t love that??!!!

Lead Illustrator / Motion Graphics / 3D Graphics

Humberto “Humbi” Lopez

Humberto’s love of creating art has not only inspired his career as an illustrator, it also driven him to inspire others. He is an accomplished art teacher who has shared his vision at some of the most prestigious art colleges in the country. During his time as an educator, Humberto has designed animation programs and developed successful art curricula for various collegiate programs. He continues to teach college level art programs in Photoshop, illustrator and 3D animation. Humberto joined the Parrot Fish team as Chief Illustrator in 2007. His skill set and expertise mirror and align with the cutting edge of illustration and 3D animation. Humberto holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in Arts Education. He recently completed a Masters degree in Game Design and Interactive Design through SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in August 2020. Our goal is to  extend Parrot Fish’s creative offerings to include interactive game designs.

Senior Illustrator

Jaime Rodriguez

Jamie possesses more than 30 years experience as a character artist & illustrator. Early in his career, he was lead artist at Disney Consumer Products Latin America, where he was charged with developing and conceptualizing character art for various product lines. Jaime was instrumental in developing style guides to support licensee partners for Disney Consumer Products. He was also instrumental in product development for toys, books and games for various Disney entities, Nickelodeon, Fox, Warner Brothers, and Discovery Channel Latin America. Jaime lent his charismatic energy to Disney’s creative regional team by drawing characters for regional event attendees. His personality is clearly represented in his vibrantly colorful and engaging work.

When Being Creative Meets Craziness!

No request is too outlandish. Necessity is the mother invention and colossal creativity! From custom printed collateral to 3D event sculptures, our team meets each presented challenge as an opportunity to push the boundaries of creative design.
Discovery Kids
Mister Maker Kits

Mister Maker is an activity based show for kids. We developed an elephant art supply kit caddy which meant we had to assemble 3,000 kits with pieces including 3,000 crayons, 30,000 glue dots, 3,000 pom poms, 6,000 pipe cleaners.

Cleveland Clinic Florida

Picture this… it’s winter holiday break time, nobody around, businesses closed, we get asked to produce 8,500 promotional items, design/produce the box, package them and get them delivered by the beginning of January.  Our office was wall to wall assembly tables and boxes.

Pirate Master Kit

What do you do when you want to create an authentic looking scroll? You print design on parchment paper and then you start burning it on a stovetop! Don’t worry about all the ashes that filled the room, the final product was worth it!

Mercy Hospital
Experiential Event Assets

Client: I have this amazing idea, do you know anyone that makes props? Parrot Fish Studio: Sure we can!  (Poor Humberto didn’t know what hit him).