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Licensing &

Product Development

Licensing programs enhance customer engagement and helps with customer retention. They provide the framework for designs to have a consistency in the marketplace. We have been developing licensing style guides and products for over 20 years for some of the largest global licensees.

About the Project

Zoo Squad:

Fun and Relevant Mascots

Zoo Miami understood that fun and relevant mascots can really enhance customer engagement opportunities. We had already worked with the zoo to develop their main mascots and having also worked with the zoo on advertising and marketing collateral, they knew we had the expertise to develop 2D character art and a style guide that would enable them to have ready to use artwork to be applied to products, signage, event graphics, etc.

With a style guide in place, the zoo was able to develop all kinds of materials, including promotional materials like coloring pages and paint by number coloring sheets that the visitors to the zoo loved and appreciated.

About The Project

Disney Consumer Products

Latin America

The team at Parrot Fish Studio began our careers working for Disney Consumer Products Latin America. That early experience developing seasonal product, retail style guides and event graphics served as a firm foundation for our studio. We are forever grateful and look back on it still with great pride. We thought we should share a few examples.

About The Project

Baby Abuelita:

Brand Development

Baby Abuelita was a brand that launched with an endearing sign along dolls but wanted to extend their brand reach into other licensing categories. Our first step was to translate the dolls into 2D character art. The second step was to develop a mini style guide based on one of the songs the dolls play, Duermete mi Niño/Niña.