Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Zoo design playbooks be exclusive? How can I make sure another Zoo in my area will not be using the same designs?

The Zoo design playbooks are widely available for all local, national and international zoos to use. If you would like to guarantee exclusivity in your city or State, we can discuss and try to accommodate with an extra fee.

Can I buy the basic license and later on upgrade to a full license?

Yes. But you would end up paying a little extra.

How am I going to receive the artwork?

The artwork will be readily available for download from our website.

In what format will I be receiving the materials?

Artwork will be made available in all commonly used design programs and apps

Can you take care of printing the final pieces for on-site execution?

Yes. We can engage with you to understand specs and quantities to provide a separate quote.

Can I use the designs to develop a set of consumer products for sale?

Yes, provided that we enter under a different licensing agreement for consumer products. Let us know your plans and we will work with you to make it happen.

If I buy the full license, will I be receiving the artwork for all the seasons all at once?

No. The materials for each season will be released as per the dates established in the contract.

How can I pay for the Zoo Design playbooks License?

We can take credit cards, Venmo, Zelle or direct bank wire transfers. For the basic license it’s one single payment upon signing the contract whereas the full license requires a down payment in the beginning and 12 subsequent monthly payments

Can I buy a customized Art/Design program for my business?

Anything is possible and will be made available upon request. Our award-wining senior designers and illustrators possess extensive experience developing custom-curated creative projects from ideation to full execution. This includes but is not limited to proprietary mascot development, event assets, unique style guides, 2D/3D artwork or animation. Please contact us for pricing.

How can I get more detailed information about the Zoo Design playbooks?

Please contact and we will send you a full brochure with all the details. It will be our pleasure to serve you!